A Hint of Heat for You. A Helping Hand for Rottweilers.

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Our new Rottweiler sauces begin as pepper plants on a Costa Rican farm, not far from where some of our coffees are grown.  Better yet, they're created in Fort Worth, Texas, by people who know how to make great sauce. Here's what you'll get in our signature 3-pack...

  • Ferocity Sauce (Cayenne Pepper)
  • Teddy Bear Sauce (Habanero Crushed Pepper)
  • Black Dog Sauce (Scotch Bonnet Pepper)

These heat-packed and savory hot sauces were inspired by our own loving Rottweiler, Monty. Believe us, there's nothing ferocious about Monty, but we like to let him think he's as tough as he is soft and cuddly.  When you purchase this 3-pack of Monty-inspired sauces, here's who benefits from 20 percent of the profits in your purchase...

  • Group Education to Protect & Defend Animals
  • REAL Rottweiler Rescue
  • MidAmerica Rottweiler Rescue
  • A Rottie Rescue
  • MidSouth Animal Rescue League
  • Recycled Rotts
  • Rottweiler Hearts Rescue
  • Southern Sates Rescued Rottweilers
  • Kodi's Club Rescue
  • Gracie's Project
  • Seattle Purebred Dog Rescue
  • For the Love of Dog
  • Hudson Valley Rottie Rescue
  • Rotten Rottie Rescue
  • Rising Star Rottweiler Rescue