February 21, 2021

Rottweiler Coffee Company Supports Fourteen Rescues Nationwide

By George Carson

Rottweiler Coffee Company announced today that the company has selected fourteen rescue organizations to support via the sales of its coffee, apparel, and other branded products.

Just over a week ago, the company's founder, George Carson, asked for referrals within a variety of Facebook groups dedicated to Rottweiler Rescue and the advancement of the Rottweiler breed.  

"The Rottweiler community responded," Carson said.  "Folks within these groups recommended a variety of shelters nationwide.  We reached out to them.  Many of them reached out to us.  Ultimately, fourteen organizations were selected to share in 20 percent of the profits from our company, each quarter, during our first full year in business."

"I'd like to thank everyone who offered referrals," Carson continued.  "I expect we'll donate $500 or more per rescue organization over the course of the year.  We'll send checks quarterly.  Beyond that, we'll donate coffee to their fundraising efforts.  We'll introduce new coffees aimed at specific fundraising events.  We'll sponsor Rottweiler meet-ups, and we'll do other things to support the Rottweiler community.  We love our Rottie, Monty, and he inspires us every day to give back or share some of the joy that he provides to us."

Rottweiler Coffee Company is run by a group of volunteers who work at The Carson Group, a 27-year-old advertising agency run by Carson.  Nobody takes a salary from Rottweiler Coffee Company, and the team is dedicated to using the remaining 80 percent of its profits to provide addtional support to the Rottweiler Rescue Community and to put money back into advertising so that the brand will become more popular and sustainable.

"The more coffee we can sell, the more we'll give," Carson concluded.  "And we'll invite everyone in the Facebook groups where we're active to follow our story as we grow.  We'll let everyone know each time we issue checks.  And we'll be very open about the process of starting and advancing our company.  Think of it as a bit of a 'reality show' for your Facebook page."

Anyone interested can follow Rottweiler Coffee Company on Facebook, here:


And anyone who wants to see what the company offers can visit the company's website, here:


Here's a list of the fourteen rescue organizations the company supports:

  • A Rottie Rescue, Inc
  • For the Love of Dog
  • Gracie's Project
  • Group Education to Protect and Defend Animals
  • Hudson Valley Rottie Rescue
  • Kodi's Club Rescue
  • MidAmerican Rottweiler Rescue
  • MidSouth Animal Rescue League
  • REAL Rottweiler Rescue
  • Recycled Rotts
  • Rotten Rottie Rescue
  • Rottweilers Hearts Rescue
  • Seattle Purebred Dog Rescue
  • Southern State Rescued Rottweilers

Rottweiler Coffee Company uses the sale of its single origin and blended coffees to help abandoned dogs find new homes. Twenty percent of the company's profits benefit no-kill animal shelters, dog foster care organizations, and Rottweiler Rescue operations.

The company's coffee comes from small, family and co-family farms around the world. The company does not roast its coffee until a customer places an order, meaning Rottweiler Coffee Company coffee arrives as some of the most freshly roasted coffee anyone can order, anywhere.